Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Article 1: Introduction and Definitions:

Sahail Motors is a company registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that always strives to provide original spare parts at competitive prices and within the reach of the consumer. We have provided an electronic platform to offer our valued customers the service of shopping and purchasing auto spare parts available through the store or mobile application easily and in a safe way..

We are always looking forward to become the best online store in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf states in providing original auto parts at competitive prices.

Our values are Credibility, Easy dealing, and High quality consumer service

Article 2: consent and legal capacity

o Anyone browsing or registering an account in our store and mobile application must acknowledge the following:

o Comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when using the store or mobile application

o When creating an account on the Sahail platform, you are committed to provide complete and correct information in terms of name, phone number, e-mail and other required data, and you are responsible for reviewing this information periodically for the purpose of correcting, amending or updating them whenever new information becomes available to you in this regard, and you are fully liable for lack of reliability of this data or any error thereof.

o The user is liable for maintaining the confidential information of his account and for any disclosure to others of this information, or for any use that occurs by any person to whom this confidential information has been disclosed.

o The user's consent that all activities that occur through his account are authorized by him and of his own free will and he is fully liable for any risks that occur as a result of any use.

Article 3: Non authorized Activities

All users are forbidden from the following:

o Using the store or application in any way - in a manner that causes damage to our reputation or brand

o Use the store or application to infringe or violate our intellectual property rights

o Posting, transmitting or entering any material that contains viruses or any other programs or any malicious code, files or other computer programs designed to harm, interfere with, or limit the normal operation of the Service (or any part thereof), or any other software or computer hardware

o Collect or track the personal information of others; for any unethical purpose

o Providing false or misleading information or data

o We reserve the right to terminate your use of the store or application in the event of any violation of any of the non authorized uses

Article 4: Product details, inventory and prices:

o We make all possible efforts to provide users with accurate and comprehensive data and information about the products offered in the store and the application, (such as product availability, prices, product specifications, and product illustrations with high definition and accuracy)

o We have the right, according to our own discretion and at any time without prior notice, to change the details of the products or their prices, and we have the right to stop any product at any time. But we strive to offer you the best prices on our website

o Some errors may occur during the process of providing the product or providing detailed information about prices on the store and the application. In the event that the invoice was requested and issued for a product and any of the price or the information was incorrect due to an error in registering the correct price or product information, the administration has the right in this case either to contact you to clarify this error and how to deal with it or cancel your order and notify you of this cancellation even if your request is accepted and is followed up electronically,

Article 5: Value Added Tax (VAT):

It is a tax imposed by the state on all products and services, as a value of 15% will be imposed on purchase orders through the store and the application

Article 6: Payment:

At Sahail platform, we provide optimal payment solutions to our valued customers to provide the best guaranteed and flexible payment experience for the convenience of customers

The buyer pays the required amount via the Internet according to the shipping and delivery service available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and all cash transfer and payment operations must be in Saudi riyals.

Payment methods we provide on the site

o Bank cards

o Cash on delivery

o Paypal

And there may be additional payment methods that are activated without notice to customers

You must ensure that the information used in the payment is correct, accurate and valid before completing the payment.